Pinellas and Puerto Rican Teens Discuss Climate Change Virtually

Pinellas and Puerto Rican Teens Discuss Climate Change Virtually

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Despite the distance, teens from Pinellas County and Puerto Rico virtually gathered to discuss solutions to climate change.

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Earth Day sure looks a lot different than when it was first celebrated 50 years ago.

This year’s 4H Earth Day Youth Summit took things into the digital world.

“We were originally supposed to do it in person but we were able to move it to an online platform,” said Alyssa Bowers with Pinellas 4H.

Teens from Pinellas County and Cidra, Puerto Rico connected via Zoom.

“I don’t think it was a big stretch. The big stretch was for us adults!” said Sandy Hernandez, 4H volunteer. “To acclimate to the new technology.”

From food sustainability to water conservation, the teens talked about ways they can make a difference.

“We have one earth and we all have to share it so just making sure that we are keeping ourselves informed with the right information,” said Pinellas County student Jupiter Piquet.

“They all engage in the same mission – to make leaders for our country and make people that are aware to solve problems and do it with their hearts and make the better of this world,” said Linette Santiago, teacher at Specialized Bilingual School LMI in Puerto Rico.

It’s fitting in this especially poignant time in our world.

“Two years ago it was us with the hurricane. Now its everyone with the [virus]. So like I say, we are all connected and we have to work towards a sustainable future,” Santiago said.

As for the students – this was the big takeaway.

“From a little thing we could make a big thing and that could make a change,” said LMI student Jexiel Diaz.

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